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Welcome to the site that updates the genealogical lines first published in The Monnet Family Genealogy by Orra E. Monnette (1911 edition).  Our focus is on the family of Abraham Monnett and his wife Catherine Braucher, their twelve children and their descendents. Moving north from Pickaway County Ohio, the Monnett family first established itself in Crawford County Ohio (just south of Bucyrus, Ohio) in the early 1830's before Abraham Monnett and Catherine Braucher Monnett finally settled in Scott Township, Marion County Ohio in 1838, about nine miles north of Marion, Ohio.  During their lifetime, Abraham Monnett and Catherine Braucher Monnett owned and operated one of the largest farms in Ohio, ultimately comprised of 22,000 acres of land spread out over Scott Township and Grand Prairie Township in Marion County Ohio, and Dallas Township and Bucyrus Township in Crawford County Ohio.  At his death in 1881 in Bucyrus Ohio, Abraham Monnett left the largest estate on record in the region to his heirs.

As December 2007 we have documented approximately 435+ direct descendents of our common ancestors Abraham & Catherine Braucher Monnett.  We hope that you will find our site to be interesting and useful. This site is hosted by S.J. Koblentz - Great Great Great Grandson of Abraham and Catherine Braucher Monnett.

Information on this site is provided free to all visitors, however we ask that any text information copied from the site is properly credited to the source.  Use of photographic images or graphics used on is strictly prohibited and require permission if their use is desired.

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