As the compiler of the information on, I feel that its important to acknowledge and thank those who made this possible.  A compiler simply puts things together, its the contributors that make it happen through their willingness to share what they can.  That said, the following is a partial listing of the wonderfully support people behind this project: 

Marion Area Genealogical Society's Mary Brocklesby started this project in the 1980's when she provided my name to a Michigan woman by the name of Nancy Clague.  Mary thought that I might have "some" information to share.  Nancy never thought that she would find a descendent of John Thomas Monnette and I never thought that I would have found the great granddaughter of Catherine LaVendee Monnett Ross. And it was Mary who made that initial contact possible.

Nancy Clague has been an inspiration, a cousin and a good friend for over twenty years.  While it was Nancy's idea in 1981 to see if we could get in touch with at least one descendent of each line of the family, she also fed me a steady diet of family information which I hope I have returned in a small way.  Mary Brocklesby may have introduced us, but Nancy made this fun to work through as a project with meaning.

Barbara Frye of Michigan (Ephraim Monnett's line) has helped in the past year when we discovered one and other on line in a genealogy message board community.  She has shared unselfishly of her family lines information, which has allowed me to add her in the Frye family with ease, and she has lightened the load with wonderful phone conversations.

Barbara Metzler Dible (Mary Jane Monnett Hull's line) should get a hero's medal for sharing the most amazing collection of family photographs that I ever laid eyes upon.  Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that something like this existed, and if I had had dreamed it, then I never would have expected to find them in one amazing album, preserved by an equally amazing family member.  But more remarkable than these images is the size of her heart and willingness to share.

I also would like to thank Maxine Marshall for her continued help and inspiration (provided generously, as needed) when the trail seemed to grow cold or, as in many cases, I took the wrong fork in the road and needed to be redirected.  Finally, I would like to acknowledge Jim Knapp of California who is no relation to the family, but who did a Yeoman's duty by helping us connect with the family of the late Jack Tobias.

The following is a partial listing of the family members, folks, friends and loved ones who have made this site and and the upcoming family publication possible.  Unfortunately, some of the people listed here have passed away since the project started in the 1980's, however their help lives on in this work: Mary Jean Koblentz-Bowen, Nell Monnett Frye, Martha McGee Little, Mary Elizabeth Turner, Nancy Monnett Wright Wilson, Mr. Oliver E. Hamilton, Bonnie Lott Cheney, Alice Louise Monnette Dunn, Mary Monnette Swartzlander, Sue Monnette McCann,  Patricia A. Monnette, Betty Monnette, Paul I. Monnette, Gene Monnette, Cathy Monnette Uhl, Diana Rafuse Burke, Jim Malcolm Aye II, James Malcolm Campbell, Jim Koch, Walter Monnette Warriner, Rosemarie Monnette Warriner, Gloria Severson McCool, Helen Monnette Amestoy, Col. Richard Andrew Morehouse, Richard Andrew Morehouse Jr., Martha Morehouse Zettler, Robert Monnette Williams, James Mortimer Williams, Betty Miller Rush, Catherine Owen McNutt, Micki Philpott, Marilyn Denzer Wozniak, Ellen Earle, Marta MacDonald Metzler, Catherine Marco, Jane Tobias and Richard Hugh Wright..  

Institutions and libraries that have helped with this project include the Daughters of the American Revolution (Washington, DC) ,the Ohio Historical Society, the Ohio Genealogical Society, the Marion (Ohio) Public Library System, the Bucyrus (Ohio) Public Library, the Crawford County Genealogical Society, the Marion County Genealogical Society and the Marion County Historical Society, the Wichita Kansas Public Library System and the Los Angeles Public Library system for begrudgingly making the Orra E. Monnette collection available. A special thank you goes out to Al Potts and his Marion Ohio web site.

And a special thank you goes to E for letting me spend countless hours working on this...

S.J. Koblentz

From top left to right, and down (birth order, oldest to youngest): Ephraim Braucher Monnett, Martha Ellen Monnett Wright, Oliver Monnett, John Thomas Monnett, Elsie Monnett, Augustus Eddy Monnett, Mervin J. Monnette, Mary Jane Monnette Hull, Madison Welsh Monnett, Melvin H. Monnette, Amina Monnett Tobias, Catherine Monnett Ross.
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